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Guttenberg, Iowa
Landowner Deer Tag Violator Caught

A call to the TIP line on November 19, 1999, reported that Daryl Harbaugh of Guttenberg was filling tags of other people and had meat in a locker plant with someone else's tag on it. After getting the information from State Radio, Officer Stan Blair proceeded to the locker. Upon arrival, Officer Blair established that a deer had been brought in by Donald and Janice Rohner. The landowner bow tag of Janice Rohner was located with the meat order. Officer Blair seized the tag and meat and later made contact with Mr. and Mrs. Rohner. After a short time of questioning the Rohner's, Mrs. Rohner admitted she did not shoot the deer, nor did she own a bow or even know how to shoot a bow. She told Officer Blair that Daryl Harbaugh shot the deer and brought it to their house. Officer Blair went to Harbaugh's house and confronted Daryl.





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