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Webster, Iowa
Pheasant Poachers Nabbed

On November 22, 1998 officer Dallas Davis received information regarding a group of nonresident hunters using a house they owned in Webster, Iowa as a hunting facility. It was reported that they came down almost every weekend and that they shoot over their limits every time they hunt. Officer Davis reported that he had been working this case looking for the right time to ,search for over limits, and this TIP report helped assure him that this day would produce probable violations. A father and son were charged with 2 counts of over possession of pheasants and 10 counts of over daily bag limit of pheasants. Two Remington shotguns and 27 rooster pheasants were seized. They were assessed $1740 in fines and $750 in liquidated damages, and had their hunting privileges suspended for 3 years. The reward committee approved a reward of $150.00.





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