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Rewards may vary from case to case.



Small game, fish, birds and fur-bearing animals.


Wild turkey and raptors.


Deer, elk, moose and black bear.


Threatened or endangered species of commercial poaching operations.

The TIP board will administer reward payments. Conservation-minded persons who qualify for rewards may choose to keep the reward or donate it back to ensure an ongoing TIP program. Rewards may vary from case to case.

The intent is to put hard-core violators and poaching rings out of business and to make the marginal violators wonder who will turn them in.

The Turn In Poachers' goal is to expose and catch poachers by providing a statewide toll­free hotline, reward incentives, and a better public understanding of poaching and how to recognize and report violations.

If you see or learn of a violation you would like to report, simply dial 1-800-532-2020 and give the necessary information. Today, many people will not give information to the authorities for fear of retaliation by the violators. Turn In Poachers allows the caller to remain totally anonymous, even to the TIP committee paying the reward. Thus, there is no chance of the poacher knowing the identity of the caller. The caller will be given a code number; and a nontraceable bank draft or cash award will be arranged if an arrest is made and the reward requested.

Illegal Channel Catfish Case.
Lake Red Rock, Iowa.

Provide all the information you can about the suspects--the vehicles used, the license numbers and the area--even if the poachers have finished their dirty work, if you find evidence of a recent poaching activity or overhear a conversation about a poaching incident. Hunting out of season or at night, using spotlights, are two of the most obvious signs of poaching. Hunters and anglers who take more than th6ir legal limit are poachers too, as well as a trapper employing illegal devices to take furbearers.

Investigations will be conducted by DNR conservation officers under the same guidelines as any law enforcement investigation.

The caller is eligible for a reward as long as an arrest is made or a citation is issued after a completed investigation. Normally, rewards will be considered only if an animal or fish has actually been taken by a poacher. The reward money comes from a private group which solicits donations and memberships from conservation groups and individuals.




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