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The Iowa TIP Board reviews and administers the TIP case reward payments. The citizen(s) who provide information on successful cases become eligible for cash rewards, which are paid-out by the TIP Board. In some cases, the citizen(s) have refused the reward and asked that it be “donated back” to the TIP Board. Those citizens who want/need the cash reward work with the investigating Conservation Officer to arrange delivery and payment. The Officers take pride in being able to hand-deliver the payment to the deserving citizen when possible, so they can thank them personally for their help.

The reward amount varies from case to case and depends upon several factors which include, but are not limited to the following: species of wildlife taken illegally; numbers taken; depth of the case investigation and cooperation of the citizen informant. Listed below is the current reward schedule.

TIP Reward Schedule Poached Deer
• $150 - small game, fish, birds, and fur bearing animals
• $200 - Wild Turkey and Raptors
• $300 - Deer, Elk, Moose and Black Bear
• $1,000 - Threatened or endangered species or commercial poaching

The Iowa Turn-In- Poachers program provides a statewide toll-free number 800/532-2020 (Hotline) as well as an on-line Internet reporting system at www.iowadnr.gov/tip. In addition, citizens always have the option to call and give information directly to their area Conservation Officer. A listing of Conservation Officers and their cell-phone numbers is posted on this web- site. The Iowa TIP program allows the citizen informant to remain anonymous. Every telephoned report and Internet report is assigned a case number. This case number is given to the reporting citizen and it becomes the “identification” for that case. If the citizens TIP case information enables an Officer to write one citation or more they become eligible for a reward.

Keys to success – When reporting poaching information the more information provided in a timely manner greatly increases the investigating Officers chances for success. Taking notes helps document some of the small details of the illegal activity and crime scene. Record vehicle license plates as well as vehicle descriptions; descriptions of the suspects including height/weight; hair color; clothing; tattoos or distinguishing marks on face or arms. If you observed (witnessed) the poaching and the suspects have left the area check the area for evidence and protect the area from being disturbed until an Officer can get there. Items of evidence might include shell casings, beer cans, tire tread marks, boot tracks, and remains of the illegally taken fish or wildlife. Above everything else…make that TIP call as quickly as you can. If you are reporting on-line please also make a phone call to the area Conservation Officer. There is always the chance that he may be just a few minutes away.


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